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The College Funding & Planning Process

Hello from Professor Don Kelley..........

As a teacher at the College level for many years, I have found that many parents and students are not aware of how colleges operate. Financial and academic needs are often not known. 

Acceptance of students can be for reasons unknown to students and families. It is important to acquire basic information about the College Funding & Planning process.

For those interested in this subject, please "click" on the "The College Expense Reduction Process" under "About Us" on the front page of this website. This is a 7 minute power point presentation.

When the first view comes up it may require manual activation to start the presentation depending on what revision of Power Point software you have. There are 2 buttons to "click" to start the presentation. First, click the button at the top of your screen labeled "Slide Show". Next, click a button to your left labeled "From Beginning".

The last slide has my contact information. I look forward to assisting those who request my expertise in this area.

To exit the presentation anytime during the presentation, just hit escape button , identified by ESC.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Professor Don Kelley